Warrior Guide

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Warrior Guide

Post by Admin on Thu May 19, 2016 2:54 pm

Recommended Gems:


These depend on your build and equips because if you have a lot of attack on your gear but are low on HP, you may want to put more on HP and vice-versa, but generally All Attack Types and Max HP are the main two. So either 2 on HP/1 on Attack per level, or 2 on Attack/1 on HP per level is recommended, depending on your build.

Stats on Gear:

Physical Attack:
Critical Rate:
Attack Speed:

Recommended Runes:

All Attack Types x5:
Critical Accuracy x4:
Attack Speed x1:
All Defense Types x5 (or) Max HP x5:
Evasion x5:

Force Cores:

All Attack Types: Use these in all available slots.


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