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Force Shielder Guide

Post by Admin on Thu May 19, 2016 2:50 pm

Recommended Gems:
Commanding Holy Light: When Holy Light of Assault buff is used, reduces party aggro by 20% and raises their attack by 30.
Provoke Rage: Chance to increase aggro rate & can be stacked 5 times.
Last Stand: (For solo play or incase you don't have Commanding Holy Light) Increases defense by 543 and aggro rate by 10% when Invincible Holy Light buff is used. (Note that when in use, the defense buff is not given to party members.)


These depend on your build and equips because if you have a lot of attack on your gear but are low on HP, you may want to put more on HP and vice-versa, but generally All Attack Types and Max HP are the main two. So either 2 on HP/1 on Attack per level, or 2 on Attack/1 on HP per level is recommended, depending on your build.

Stats on Gear:

Defense: Is the main stat to focus on (just as important as attack is for DPS)
Evasion: Very important, as it helps you avoid attacks and keeps you alive.
Physical Attack: Helps hold aggro better. (Recommended amount varies depending on whether or not you have the Provoke Rage gem.)
Weapon Block: Takes 50% less damage.
Shield Block: Takes 30% less damage.
Max HP: You will obviously need enough HP to stay alive, because no matter how much DEF or EVA you have, you will get hit. A lot.
Critical Accuracy: More damage means more aggro.
Recommended Runes:

All Attack Types x5: Important for helping to hold aggro.
Accuracy x5: If you miss the target, you'll have a hard time holding aggro. Accuracy matters.
Critical Accuracy: (As an alternative to Accuracy.) Crit means more damage, meaning aggro is more easily gained.
All Defense Types x5: All FS need good def. This one's a given.
Evasion x5: Take less hits, take less damage.

Force Cores:

All Defense Types: Use these in all available slots.


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